Sometimes I am a Grump.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am not a morning person. I used to be a night owl but nowadays I’m just someone who likes to go to bed at 10.30pm and still wakes up grumpy with the alarm clock everyday.


Our morning routine is something like this:



6.42am The Boyo starts prodding me and tells me to get up. I get up, grab my towel and head for the shower grumbling about the cold, or being tired or just generally wishing I was still in my bed.

7.05am I’ve had a shower and cleaned my teeth so it is now time for me to get my own back and get The Boyo out his bed. Usually at this point we mutter our regrets about staying up later than we intended and going to bed early today (often the going to bed early does not happen).

7.10am I get dressed and do my make-up. I always look at the weather forecast the night before and lay out my clothes so I save a bit of time in the morning. Also when I am tired in the morning and have not sorted my clothes I end up wearing the strangest combinations.  I use moisturiser from The Body Shop, Pore Concealor from Benefit, foundation from No. 7 and for concealer I use maybelline mousse.  I use another benefit product for my eyebrows and No. 7 mascara. I use a little eyeshadow, usually in a soft neutral shimmery shade and lipstick, these all come from a selection of places. I put on my jewellery which always includes my watch, Jawbone, a ring for my right hand, earrings and usually a necklace, sometimes a bracelet. I wear perfume everyday, I have few perfumes but my favourite is Davidoff Cool Water. I like just about every Davidoff fragrance and I’m upset that one of my limited edition ones has finished from a few years ago.

7.30am By now The Boyo has showered and dressed and so he asks me what I am having for lunch, if it is leftovers I’ll tell him where they are (down to the exact location in the fridge), if he is making a sandwich he’ll ask what I want in it and ask if I want soup out of the freezer. He then asks what I want for breakfast and I’ll grumpily say weetabix or toast and grumble yet again about wanting to be back in bed or wishing it was the weekend.

7.35am If all has gone to plan and I haven’t dawdled (I am a big dawdler in the mornings) I’ll give my hair a quick blast with the hairdryer. I don’t d much with it apart from a bit of heat protection spray and sometimes a clip to keep it out my eyes. I don’t have time and I make more of a fuss if we have somewhere special or important to go to.

7.40am Breakfast time, sometimes cereal, sometimes toast. I take a shot of a vitamin drink along with a variety of vitamins.

7.50am I grab my handbag which I got ready the night before, fling my lunch into a tote bag, put on my coat, hat, gloves, whatever the weather demands and I stomp out to the car. I usually end up spotting something lying about, like my keys or kindle which I fling into my bag as well as rushing out the door.

8.05am The Boyo drops me at the train station in the town where I work. It is a 20-25 minute brisk walk up to my college. By the time I get to my library at 8.30am my morning grumpiness has worn off a little and I get busy switching things on, opening things up and then settle down to sort out my emails. The library opens at 8.45am. I work until 5pm 2 days a week, 6pm 2 days and then we close at 4.30pm on a Friday.


This all sounds reasonable, but I am just not a happy bunny in the mornings. The poor Boyo has to deal with me being snappy, very indecisive and bad looks are thrown his way. Some days I really am super tired and just don’t say much at all but once in a blue moon I’ll have a day like yesterday when I was in full strop mode.

I felt really bad about being such a mean person so I stopped at the bakery (Fisher and Donaldson a family chain in Fife) and I got us 2 cakes. We had them last night with a cup of tea as we enjoyed a mostly tech-free evening. The apology Coffee Tower was well received by The Boyo and I wasn’t quite so grumpy this morning.


Wednesday is for What: What’s in a name?

Wednesday is for What.


My first Wednesday blog and this week my topic is What’s in a name?


Next week it will be a What I wore or a What I would Like post. It might even be a combination of both!


So what is in a name? My name isn’t actually Merry but it is close to my real name and the purpose of the name I’ve chosen is to give me a tiny bit privacy and to also motivate me. After all this blog really is all about me trying to be positive and Merry. If I leave out my real name I feel more able to use my voice. I have chosen to stay a little bit anonymous but everything is truthful in this blog and as such there are enough clues that if someone knows me in a personal context they are probably going to twig that it is me writing this blog – that’s fine I am not trying to be a secret agent. That is a career that would never have suited me as I am a truly hopeless liar. People can even tell on the phone if I’m trying a wee white fib. Oh well best to stick to honesty then. 

So why be Anonymous?

 Well I have wanted to do a blog for ages, I have tried in the past, one a travel based one when I lived abroad this failed due to having too much fun on said travels and internet not being readily available. The other was based on food when I set myself a cooking challenge a couple of years go. However my family had a really challenging year and blogging along with my social life fell to the wayside. So this is my third attempt – and funnily enough three is my lucky number!

 Over the last couple of years my own twitter account became clogged with all sorts of people, companies, tv shows, just about anything really and some were people that were related to my work. I just felt that it would be easier to start up a new twitter account and by changing my name it means I’m not instantly connected with my work and people at work are not finding out more about my personal life than needs be. Initially I planned not to talk about library related stuff on my new blog at all but quickly realised that my profession takes up a huge amount of my time and interests and occasionally there will be things that are library related that I’d like to chat about.

 So the little bit of privacy also gives me a little bit of confidence to start blogging without everyone I know looking at my fledgling attempts.


Is it Cowardly? 

Well a bit I suppose and I’m happy to admit that I’m nervous about facing criticism from my friends and family so starting this way eases me into the whole business. One of the main reasons I’ve started this blog is to boost my self esteem and I believe it will help me to achieve my ‘Be Merry and Happy and Healthy’ goals. I wasn’t in a great place this winter (I’ll talk another time about why) and this blog and the name I have chosen just reinforces my message to myself.

 Thoughts on Blogging

 I’m finding new people everyday who blog on a whole range of topics I find interesting.

 Fashion – some of the information I’ve discovered through the fashion blogger world has been really good. So many more options for clothes now both to buy (mostly through shops spoken about by plus sized fashion bloggers) and how to put the things I already own in a more interesting way. I bought a chunky necklace the other day that I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do with a few months ago. So great for my wardrobe, not so great for my wallet! I will occasionally post some fashion & accessories related stuff but mostly I’ll just enjoy reading the wide variety of people I have come across. Bloglovin is great for this.     @amilliondresses   @LittleBitOfWowe @thesmyth

 Food – oh so many food blogs. The cakes! Drool…. but food bloggers are also  inspiring me to become more inventive and healthy and sometimes more frugal as well. I’ll definitely post recipes on this blog. I wish there were more Scottish bloggers talking about foodie places to go nearby but I now have a huge list of places for trips South of the border! @thecakehunter @browneyedbaker 

Beauty – Not something that I anticipate I’ll ever really posy about because I’m useless in that department but I’ve made a couple of new purchases recently that have worked a treat thanks to reading some great beauty blogs. I still can’t paint my nails to save myself though. @essiebutton @laurziecooper 

Travel – Most of my escapades are in the UK now and I regularly do weekend countryside walks. I haven’t really come across many Scottish bloggers yet but if I do I’ll always enjoy tips for great walks or places to explore. I’m off to a more exotic location in June and have been looking through blogs to get some ideas of what to do when we are away. 

Home – So many ideas, I wish I was better at DIY! @younghouselove

 Library  –  for this get on twitter and have a look at my ‘Library Folk’ list. So many Library related people around! 

Other – Everyday I’m finding new blogs on interesting topics, from time to time I’ll do a Follow Friday Post.


Anyway I hope some of those links are useful. To answer the question What’s in a name? for me the name I have chosen is a little reminder of who I am and what I hope to be.


Does anyone else blog under a different name? And any blogging tips for this new blogger would be most welcome, as would any other tips on interesting blogs to read.


Thank You! Merry 😎

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