A week in the kitchen – June 2018

I’ve had a good week in the kitchen. I still try to make as much as I can from scratch – with a few cheats – but some days/weeks I feel like I just don’t have any mojo. This week however has been a good week. It makes me happy when I manage to feed the 3 of us fairly decent home cooked food, and makes the treats feel a bit better too.


Merry Kitchen – Week beginning 4th June


Monday : Thai basil pork with sesame pak choi and rice

Tuesday: Chicken carbonara

Wednesday: Meatballs with a spicy Moroccan sauce, roasted vegetables, cous cous and yoghurt

Thursday: Smoked haddock kedgeree

Friday: Mexican bean soup with smashed tortilla chips and grated cheese

Saturday:  Takeaway pizza!

Sunday Scampi/peppered mackerel with peas and sweet potato bites


Breakfast is usually toast or cereal or a croissant at the weekend.

Lunch during the week tends to be sandwiches and soup or leftovers. At the weekend we usually have things like baked potatoes and beans, omelette, selections of wee picky bits (ham, cheese, carrot sticks, sweetcorn, crackers etc) or sometimes brunch – sausages and poached eggs. It depends what we have on and what is in the house. The wee one is fed at nursery Wednesday – Friday so I tend to cook slightly spicier or complicated things on those days.




Toddler Days

And suddenly.. Wehave two year old. We’ve been firmly in the toddler days for a wee while now but I guess her birthday has kind of made it official. I feel like we’re finally starting to get into the swing of things…. Of course new challenges arise all the time, and they always will but I kind of feel a bit more confident as a parent and the pattern of our life now.

I’m not going to share too much about her as one day she will be able to google and I will probably embarrass her enough without blethering all over the internet but she is a wonderful, cheeky, contrary rascal, with never ending energy. She eats everything within sight and exhausts us… but makes us smile and laugh every single day.

I still have back problems and I think the pain of that is probably my biggest frustration – I feel I could have more energy, cook more, do more, walk more if it wasn’t for that but the days of feeling entirely frustrated are fewer now than they were. My house isn’t perfect, I keep on top of the washing and we get fed everyday even if I am not as adventurous or as prepared with the cooking as I would like to be. And as for other activities, the wee one is at nursery and does a lot of craft and mud and other things there, the best thing I can give her at home is time and tickles and playing with bubbles outside, all day long, everyday if she had her way. One day my toddler will be big and I’ll have more time for other things but I’ll probably be missing the toddler days so I will do my best to just enjoy them and not get too worked up about the windows not being cleaned and not making homemade bread.

So to conclude the parenting chat today I will share of a few of my current parent likes.

1. This recipe Packed Lunch Smoky Sausage Mini Quiches from Feeding Boys blog– I made these for the wee ones toddler party and they went down a storm with parents and kids. I used hot dog sausages as that’s what I had to hand and guessed the amount of cheese. Fab. Will make another batch very soon.

2. Podcast – Happy Mum Happy Baby I like listening to the various experiences on this.

3. Book – The Brighton Mermaid by Dorothy Koomson. I’ve read all her books so far (I think) and I’ve just started reading this. Reading anything is a bit hit or miss for me just now, I struggle to concentrate like I used to now that I have the wee one needing me or the million and one jobs needed to be done around the house. I do need to learn to have a bit of time every night to switch off and not just play mindless games on my kindle. Time off = less stress parent = more fun parent.

4. T-shirt Tunic dresses for the wee one (Like this) I think these are fabulous for our active wee girl. Pop on with leggings and she is set to go, climbing, jumping, twirling. Easy to put on, easy to wash and perfect for nursery days. I love dressing her in pretty dresses and shorts as well but she is very fair and very active so this covers her delicate skin and doesn’t hinder her in any way. She has a few from various places and mostly gifts.

5. And last but not least a Scuttlebug. We got one for the wee one for her birthday and she loves it so much. She has tried to take it to bed with her and been quite upset when we wouldn’t let her. It folds and is light so we will be able to take it with us when we are away anywhere over the summer.



So to end – some advice please, We have a family holiday planned in June for Jersey, any top places for toddlers (or adults?) and the flight will be longer than we’ve attempted with the child in tow before so I was thinking about getting a KeepEmQuiet bag  Has anyone had one, would they recommend and any other tips? She’s 2 now so will have her own seat and we’ve got seats together. I hope the flight won’t be too bad and that she will sleep for the night we are there (always hit and miss with her anyway!)




An ode to sleep

I’d like to write a post filled with fabulous recipes, or a wee sewing project or even a wonderful winter walk that we’ve done but truthfully right now we seem to be a bit stuck in the daily grind. Don’t get me wrong I’m lucky and happy and there are still plenty of laughter filled moments every day but… I’m so tired, maybe weary is an apt word? We have a toddler who is absolutely non-stop during the day – and I really, really love that, but boy is it exhausting, where do they get the energy?? It can’t be naps because she only naps for an hour a day, and even then that is with heavy persuasion and nights are not so good again just now.


Having said all that I know this is just a phase and that time is passing by quickly and one day these sleep deprived days will be a memory and I will miss the cuddles with my sweet fluffy haired baby who likes a cuddle and to touch my nose at 3am and say beep beep instead of sleeping.


I don’t have any New Years resolutions, just a hope that I start to find my way a little bit. To feel like I’m managing my days better, that I’m looking after my body and mind a little better and that I’m making the most of everyday. It’s hard though when you wake up tired and bleary after another disturbed night and a list of chores to be done and meals to be made.  Then the week rolls on and you think… right well next week!


I’ll get there eventually!