An ode to sleep

I’d like to write a post filled with fabulous recipes, or a wee sewing project or even a wonderful winter walk that we’ve done but truthfully right now we seem to be a bit stuck in the daily grind. Don’t get me wrong I’m lucky and happy and there are still plenty of laughter filled moments every day but… I’m so tired, maybe weary is an apt word? We have a toddler who is absolutely non-stop during the day – and I really, really love that, but boy is it exhausting, where do they get the energy?? It can’t be naps because she only naps for an hour a day, and even then that is with heavy persuasion and nights are not so good again just now.


Having said all that I know this is just a phase and that time is passing by quickly and one day these sleep deprived days will be a memory and I will miss the cuddles with my sweet fluffy haired baby who likes a cuddle and to touch my nose at 3am and say beep beep instead of sleeping.


I don’t have any New Years resolutions, just a hope that I start to find my way a little bit. To feel like I’m managing my days better, that I’m looking after my body and mind a little better and that I’m making the most of everyday. It’s hard though when you wake up tired and bleary after another disturbed night and a list of chores to be done and meals to be made.  Then the week rolls on and you think… right well next week!


I’ll get there eventually!



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