Learning to Sew: August 2015

Last year I took some sewing classes and I very happily received a sewing machine as a 30th birthday present. I made bags for everyone’s Christmas (which were a big hit) then I got busy and my machine sat neglected for the best part of this year.

20141123_220203 My sewing Corner in the spare bedroom which is really my room, all my clothes, sewing stuff and girly bits and bobs are in here, there also happens to be a bed but mostly it is my room. 


One of the bags I made for Christmas gifts last year – this was for Maggie Dog. It was filled with poo bags, biscuits and tennis balls. Maggie liked her Christmas present.

I had the best of intentions; I even bought lovely material for new cushions for our couch and fabric for a project for my 2yr old niece – Miss M – and some fabric for a skirt for me. So I had quite a lot of fabric stashed away and plenty of ideas floating about my head.

20141129_163612 Part of the fabric stash. 

Finally last week I made some time and thoroughly enjoyed a couple of projects.

Photos from phone August 1547

Trying to suss out the right measurements for a 2 year old. 

Life this year has been busy and this summer in particular has been difficult but sewing took my mind off things and left me with a great sense of satisfaction – I had achieved something! Not perfect by any means but I am happy. Now what shall my next project be?

Photos from phone August 1613 I made a skirt for the little 2 year old and a matching dress and nappy for her dolly. I followed instructions I found via pinterest for all 3 items. The T-Shirts were bought in April at H&M. They are aged 2-4 years and are actually a little big for Miss M. 

Photos from phone August 1619


Dolly Nappy

Dolly Dress

In October Mum and I usually go to the BBC Good Food Show in Glasgow at the SECC. This year we are giving it a miss and going to The Stitching, Sewing & Hobbycrafts Show instead. I can’t wait!

 The Good Food Show by the way is a really great day out, just remember to set some pennies aside for some tasty treats and kitchen gadgets if you gadget inclined like I am.

So the blurb for the Hobbycraft show says :

Visit the popular Stitching, Sewing & Hobbycrafts shows and find all the very latest supplies and ideas in the world of stitching and creative crafts with lots of special features to enjoy plus FREE workshops, talks and demonstrations.      

Mum has been before and loved it. She is very keen on cards and crafts and she used to do a lot of sewing when my sister and I were younger. I’m keen to get some ideas for Christmas projects. I’m sure it will be a good day out. It is in the SECC in Glasgow the 22nd-25th October 2015 and tickets are a very reasonable £7.50 each.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Sew: August 2015

  1. merryferry says:

    Thanks Anabel, she really did, she will become a big sister in a couple of months, so I think a matching outfit for them both in the winter will be on the cards.


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