Life and Love

I haven’t written anything in a while as we’ve been so busy. The end of the academic year is a busy time and we’ve been taking advantage of the slightly better weather to get out and about a bit more.

This week though is proving to be really hard. I’m ill with an ear infection which means I’m being even less help than I want to be. I’m aware that more people in my ‘real’ life are aware of this blog and as much as I want to write down my feelings (writing can be quite therapeutic) I’m aware that I would be talking about things on the big wide internet that actually deserve privacy.

Love is a funny thing and I’m very lucky I have some very wonderful people who I love and who love me in my life. Right now one of the people I love most in the world is hurting a lot and I wish I could make the situation better and that I could fix it all. I can’t and it makes me feel so sad. All I can do is to be there and let them know that I love them and I will always be there. Life can be so very cruel and sad sometimes.

Our almost-instinct almost true:
What will survive of us is love.

(from Philip Larkin ‘An Arundel Tomb’)

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