A not so Merry evening.

The Boyo is currently away in Galway ‘working’. He takes a group of undergraduate students there every year. Lucky him. I’ve been to Galway once for a day and I quite liked it, I’d definitely like to go back again one day but maybe not with 30 undergraduate students in tow.

Anyway this means I am currently home alone and relying on public transport. Which generally is fine, I’m spring cleaning some of our cupboards and I’m hoping to do some sewing at the weekend whilst I have some peace and quiet. I’m also watching silly films and reading books.  It isn’t so fine when he messages telling me he is having a lovely wander around sunny Galway and I’m stuck in a stuffy office but hey ho.

Last night I finished work at 5.45pm it was supposed to be 6pm but there were no students and my library is a greenhouse when the sun shines. I was warm, my head was fuzzy from the stuffy atmosphere, I was tired and I was hungry. I popped into the co-op on the way home to pick up a yoghurt and some potatoes and reduced chocolate eclairs. I lifted my keys out of my shopping bag and into my handbag so they would not be buried under the potatoes and handy for me to get out when I got home.

I toddled off down to my bus stop. I may have eaten a chocolate eclair at the bus stop, or maybe not, maybe I am well behaved after all. I got on the bus to my village and arrived home. It was now 6.45pm.

My keys were not in my handbag. I checked my shopping bag. Nope no sign of keys. I really hoped I had not left them on the bus as it goes through all sorts of villages and with the Boyo in Galway I really needed my keys to get in the house.

By this point my fuzzy head was now a full blown headache. I phoned the co-op. The manager cheerfully confirmed my keys were in his pocket. Great.

Luckily a bus was due at 6.58pm. I left my bag of shopping on my doorstep – one of the charms of village life is that you don’t really have to worry about doing this. Although I think some of my Guides may have figured out where I live. Luckily no-one stole my remaining eclair!

I got back to the town where I work, I collected my keys and then I had to wait 45 minutes for the next bus.

My headache was now definitely becoming migraine-esque. I needed food and bed. I got chips and a magazine as I had left my book at home that morning. I ate my chips. I somewhat enjoyed them but my head was getting in the way. I got my bus. It wasn’t one that went to my village but the next one along so I had a 15 minute walk back to my house. I was in my bed by 9pm.

I was woken up after 11pm by the Boyo skyping me. He seemed surprised when I fell asleep after answering the call. I then woke up again at 3am needing more medicine for my head.

This morning I really wanted to stay in bed.

I went to work but due to the mishaps of the night before I didn’t have my planned leftovers for lunch so I had to pop out.

I may have had a mint choc chip ice cream cone for my lunch…

Some days ice cream is needed.

Ice cream today

My migraines are definitely triggered by lack of sleep and stress. The stuffy atmosphere and late dinner don’t help. I use peppermint essential oil, a blend of essential oils called deep relief, lots of water and a dark room to treat my head. Sometimes sumatriptan is needed and sometimes like last night it doesn’t even work. 

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