A wee cup of tea please.

Right now I am having a tea break and reading this link: 22 Teas From Around The World

I am fairly sure even those of you who are not tea drinkers will want to go put the kettle on now. In fact I feel inspired to try new varieties of tea, although I feel bad that when I lived in Hong Kong I didn’t try any ‘Silk stocking tea’ (No. 7) but I did drink a lot of Jasmine Tea in my Hong Kong days.


Other happenings this week

I am not sure if I have mentioned before that I am a member of Girl Guiding. Before we moved house I was an assistant leader at a Brownie Unit but I’ve been involved with Guiding for over 20 years. For those who aren’t sure what Girl Guiding is have a look at the UK website: Girl Guiding UK IMG_20150201_150554

After we moved I didn’t volunteer again straight away. We’ve had a busy year and I’ve been working hard on beating my chronic headaches and migraines, I felt that a little break wasn’t a bad thing. Guiding is huge fun, but it is a commitment and I didn’t want to start helping again and not have the energy to enjoy it. Just before Christmas I started thinking about getting back involved again. I was debating this when my colleague found a notice in a local newsletter that said the Guide unit in my village needed help. I wandered in, found out that they needed a new leader and now we’re in the New Year and I have myself a Guide Unit. There are 10 girls and they seem like a really lovely group. The meeting is every Monday evening but there are already fun ‘extra’ activities planned, like a Thinking Day Party, a trip to the swimming pool and county camp in May. I really enjoy Guiding and I will dedicate a full blog post about Guiding soon and share some of the ideas and activities we are doing.


Getting involve with Guiding in the village has also meant getting to know a few more people in our village and the Boyo and I were invited to the village ball last weekend. A chance to put on a pretty dress, eat nice food, chat to our neighbours and a bit of ceilidh dancing was very much enjoyed by both of us. I really enjoy village life and whilst we don’t know if we will live there long term for the next 2 years I can certainly see it being a happy place for us.

20150131_190238 20150131_190709

Tomorrow the Boyo and I will pick up a van and he will drive us 130 miles to my home town. We have needed a new bed for a while and there is one that is not needed in my parents house. It is exactly the kind of bed the Boyo and I wanted so it makes sense to get it. Whilst we have the van I’ll pick up the last of my books and bits and bobs that have been sitting in my parents home for years. The Boyo plans to have a quiet night in on Friday whilst my Mum and I go to a fashion show organised by a family friend. The Boyo and I will have to hit the road on Saturday by 7am to get the bed returned so our weekend wanderings on Sunday will entirely depend on how we feel after our 260 mile round trip.

The prospect of getting the bed has prompted me to sort out a few more things round the house, I spent last night hanging pictures up that have been sitting in a box since our house move and tonight I’m going to tackle the cupboard with all the bedlinen in. I guess I’m on a spring cleaning kick… but spring is still a while away yet. I’m starting to see little signs though;  the mornings have not been quite so dark and I saw some pretty little snowdrops on one of the walks near our house. The thought of Spring definitely makes me feel a little bit more Merry.


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