Tuesday is my Monday & a house update

Yesterday I got up and got dressed for work. Make-up, tights, dress etc. We had a bathroom fitter scheduled to arrive to fix/replace my shower door and I thought I’d be heading in to work just before lunch.

Well they were a little late due to another emergency and I got 2 not 1 guys and then I found it that they were essentially replacing the whole cubicle leaving just the actual shower and shower tray. This meant the job took much longer than I anticipated and I quickly changed my plans to work at home. One of the blessings of our technological world.

I stayed in my work clothes as there were 2 strangers in my bedroom (en-suite bathroom) and being in my work clothes sort of helped my mental state to be in work (not laze about the house) mode. I got changed to got out to Guides later in the evening and it was FREEZING! But today in work it sort of feels like Monday not Tuesday – it is pretty easy for me to get confused when my week doesn’t follow its usual pattern.

1421678016951 (1)

I didn’t go on any weekend wanderings this past weekend as the Boyo was away and I had a very important social event planned for Saturday anyway. My best friend’s daughter who I adore had a wee party to celebrate turning 2. It was a lovely afternoon/evening and the birthday girl seemed to have a great time. Her Mum said that by bedtime she was a bit overwhelmed and exhausted but fighting sleep because she was still so excited. Ah to be 2 again! The birthday girl received her very own shopping trolley and multiple food items (pretend food) from us. She seemed to like it and loaded up the trolley with Baby (the doll is very definitely called Baby, any other name will be scorned by Miss 2 year old) and off she went to the shops which apparently are in the living room, handy! You can get the trolley and lots of play food on Amazon, I found the trolley to be of nice quality and very easy to assemble. It will only do for small people who are confident walkers already as it will easily tip if used as a walker. Here is the link: Amazon Shopping Trolley 

I spent Sunday doing some housework which mainly consisted of housework and putting the stuff for a curry in the slow cooker. I was popular with the Boyo when he got home on Sunday night to a curry and a cosy tidy house.

I also started looking at some of our paintings. We have many not hung yet from moving house and we have a few things that need to be framed. A new framers has opened up in the town where I work so I’ll likely give them a couple of jobs.

The downstairs of our house is solid giant (painted) bricks. I am still debating about painting the living room, on the one hand it seems a bit wasteful when we don’t own the house but on the other hand we will likely live there for nearly another 2 years so a bit of TLC won’t do it any harm. I doubt the owners & letting agents would mind as prior to us moving in the house had been on the market for sale for over a year. All the comments we’ve had are about how it is much more homely and a big improvement. The lounge is currently painted a very nearly white colour with dark wooden flooring. The room doesn’t get much light and with it being the big bricks (like breeze blocks the Boyo says) it feels a bit cold. I have material to change the colour scheme on our sofa, with a new rug in the new colour scheme and some accessories and our pictures hung up it may be possible that the paint job does not need to happen. In order to hang our paintings we are going to need to borrow a drill, but I plan to call a friend tonight to beg that favour and then I’ll google how to drill holes in the wall – eek!

When we first moved into the house we worked away like demons the first 3 days and got more or less everything unpacked. Now we have been there for 8 months and we feel pretty familiar with the house and area. I’ve figured out a couple of things I’d like to do as well as the mini makeover in the lounge.

* Hang Paintings & print and hang more photos (Seeing happy pictures and photos makes us smile and reminds us of some pretty terrific times, they instantly make a house feel like a happy home)

* Fix Shoe Storage unit to wall in dining/entrance area (Unsafe to use just now so this will get done asap when we borrow that drill)

* Sort out the study/exercise room cupboard (It is the dumping ground of all sorts of bits)

* Get a proper spare bed for spare room so we can have more visitors to stay (The plan for this is underway and should be completed early next month)

* Do some work in garden (With multiple green fingered family members you would have thought the Boyo and I would have inherited some of these genes, alas we did not and we have a neglected looking garden, the least we could do is to plant some nice things in pots & the flowerbed this year)

* Paint garden furniture (Not sure they can be rescued, in a very sorry state)

* Get bbq cleaned & working for the summer (The house owners left one so we should use it, fun times on summer evenings)

* Get a wardrobe for Boyo in our room so my clothes can move into our bedroom instead of spare room (The Boudoir idea worked in theory but when it started getting cold I didn’t like traipsing through to the other room for things in the morning, I’d also like to have it just as a spare bedroom, guest ready and my space for sewing. I just feel a bit too spread out but buying a new wardrobe will wait until funds are more plentiful as we have 2 cheap ones and they are useless, the rails do not stay up with the weight of clothes)

* Tidy attic (all our empty boxes & bags are scattered about, we need to keep them for when we move to the house we buy but they could be tidier)

?????? Our lounge just needs some TLC. 

????????????????????????????????????? The dumping ground in the attic. 

???????????????????????????????????? The Boudoir in the unpacking stage… soon to be proper spare bedroom with sewing station. 

??????????? Sorry looking furniture and only 1 plant is still alive in that garden. 

photo Pretty shoe unit (and my own handmade bunting) but unsafe to actually use just now. 

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