Weekend wandering….

With 3 weather warnings for the area we intended go wandering in on Saturday we decided to be sensible and stick close to home.

We are very lucky that we live in an area which makes it easy to access a wide part of Scotland but also has a lot of great things on our own doorstep.

We ventured to Falkland Estate which is only a few miles from our village. We have been many times before, the woods on the estate are full of treasures like little bridges and tunnels and a waterfall you can walk under and the village of Falkland is very charming with a few cafes and gift shops.

The estate has a car park at the entrance that is free but there is a donation box with the proceeds going towards upkeep. You can walk from here up both of the Ben Lomond Hills. Our target today was a tower we had previously tried to find but failed to do so.Lomond 1

The tower is clearly visible from the road, so we’ve seen it many times since our failed attempt taunting us.  We managed to find it this time, although we were almost on top of it before we saw it! The Bruce Tyndall tower is quite impressive but undergoing renovation work, nevertheless we had splendid views of the Fife Countryside.

 Lomond 2

On our way back to the car we made a detour and delved a bit further into the woods to get to the Pillars of Hercules cafe and farm shop. It is a predominantly vegetarian cafe and certified 100% organic. I had one of the nicest slices of Victoria Sponge Cake I have had in ages. We picked up some veg – Kale for the very first time – tofu and, tricolore pasta. The vegetable selection is always really impressive and tempting – which says something coming from a veggie-phobe like me.

On Sunday we went for a cycle ride in icy rain in a forest very close to our house. When we got in I jumped straight into the bath and then had Mexican Chili Bean Soup for lunch. I was so cold, the hot bath and soup were very much appreciated! We spent the rest of the day reading, catching up on housework and just enjoying our nice quiet Sunday afternoon. I really love weekends!


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