On the eve of a moment in History.

Don’t worry this isn’t a pro independence or even a pro-Union post. I decided a long time ago not to discuss my views publicly. In fact to this day I have only discussed my own voting intentions with the Boyo, my sister and my Mum.

Tomorrow every eligible adult in Scotland will have the opportunity to participate in a historical vote. We have had other similar moments in the past but this is the opportunity of this generation to have a say in the future of a wonderful country. I just want to pause at that statement and think… think not about what to vote for but about the fact that we are able to have this vote.

That we are able to have a say, that we are able to participate in discussions and debates and speak our own minds and think about our opinions. Do you know this makes us incredibly lucky?

Scotland 2

Recently a colleague implied that this vote was trivial compared to some of the other issues in the world right now, I do understand what she means but I feel that the ability to have a say in how we want our country to be run is hugely important because our daily lives are what informs our actions and that in order to change the world we need to start on our own doorstep and unlike many countries around the world we have this right (that was long fought for) and that we should use it.

Regardless of the outcome I hope this is a time of change, time for all politicians to hear the thousands of voices all over the UK (and the world). Change can be a good thing.So many people are unhappy in the UK. Many of the changes in recent  years have impacted on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged them further.

The amazing thing about this referendum is the level of engagement. A huge number are expected to vote tomorrow. Many more have engaged in conversations, debates and actions around the UK. Personally I think that is rather great, if only that level of engagement continues think about what could be achieved! Our politicians have to listen a bit harder when a huge proportion of the UK are shouting on their doorstep.

I will finish by saying I love Scotland. I think we live in a beautiful country with fantastic traditions. I spend my weekends wandering the wilds and admiring the stunning landscapes Scotland has to offer. Also don’t forget we are the land of the magnificent Tunnocks Teacakes. teacake

When I vote I will be thinking about the current situation and my hopes for Scotland in the future. This doesn’t mean an outright yes nor does it mean and outright no. The waters are very muddy on both sides. Whatever the outcome I hope we see changes for the better. If we can remain engaged and optimistic then maybe just maybe we will have the opportunity to work towards a better future for all.


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