Tuesday Thoughts – Roaring 20s, Fabulous 30s

Tuesday Thoughts

Last weekend the Boyo was away so we didn’t go wandering. Instead I went to the hairdressers and had a lovely Saturday night in watching films, eating Galaxy chocolate and drinking a wee glass of Baileys. We are going to a wedding next Saturday and my hair was really needing sorted, I am even thinking about getting my nails done which I have only done before twice in my life so we’ll see. I shall have a wee blog post tomorrow all about the outfit for the wedding and other dresses. So if you like dresses and pretty things have a look tomorrow, if not I shall be posting about food again on Friday.

I wasn’t sure what to write about this week, inspiration wasn’t hitting me and then one of my oldest friends turned 30 yesterday and it got me thinking about our 20s and everything we have achieved and what I would really like to achieve in my 30s.

I started off my 20s trying to put things right after a bout of depression. I had to repeat a year at University, I had to sort out my head and work out relationships with my friends and family and myself after depression had left everything (or so it felt to me) in tatters. By the time it came to my 21st birthday I was well again and life was more or less back on track. In fact we even had a party – I have never been one for birthday parties but my 21st was great. At the time Baileys were doing a drink called ‘Baileys Glide’. It was basically a Baileys Milkshake, oh it was lovely.

The highlights of my early 20s included a trip to ‘Wild West America’, exploring Vancouver, going to Malawi on a charity trip, my first serious relationship (the end was actually a highlight as well), learning to teach EFL, going off abroad to China and Hong Kong for 2 fantastic years. A holiday in Vietnam with teacher friends. Those 2 years abroad taught me so much and I will blog about EFL, Hong Kong and living abroad at a later date


Then it was back to Scotland and a post-grad Masters, living with my sister once more and getting to know her not as a moody teenager but a beautiful adult (scary) who knows best when it comes to my fashion choices (or lack of).  My best friend also got a puppy, this is very much a highlight, I love this wee doggy very much, and doggy-sitting the wee black furball always makes me smile. Lovely friends getting married (3 in 1 week!)


Then we reach my very late 20s, reconnecting with special friends, meeting The Boyo who made me accept that all clichés about love & mush could in fact be true. Seeing one of my very best friends getting married was beautiful. Becoming an honorary Auntie to a beautiful wee girl and spending time with my family. Learning to drive (reluctantly) and becoming an enthusiastic home cook & baker.baby shower

During this time there have been lows as well, the Dreaded D (my MSc dissertation) could not have been done without my Boyo’s encouragement, the job hunting and interviews, and the loneliness when living on the other side of the world and missing special occasions, the saying goodbye to relatives who I will always miss, dealing with family illness. The stress related migraines and chronic headaches that working through a merger brought. Having said all of this I don’t think I would change anything, I really believe that the challenges in life are part and parcel of who we become. I dealt with horrendous bullying in my school years; I dealt with depression and bereavement in my 20s but my overall feelings? – being lucky and fortunate and happy. I am surrounded by special people; wonderful memories, my achievements and I look around and see photos of my friends and family, objects from travels all over the world, I see a happy home and a very happy life. I have 3 months until I turn 30. In that time I will attempt to learn to sew, I will climb trees with my Dad, I will eat scrumptious food, I will get cuddles from my favourite toddler, I will explore the countryside. My 20s have been rather great, I can’t quite imagine how my 30s will be but I know that it will involve countless more happy moments.

Happy Days

I’ll blog again closer to my birthday with some ideas I have for my year of being 30. Knowing me it will involve many foodie delights and wanderings!

So I will leave you now to reflect on your happy moments… if you have any ideas for my year of being 30, or if you partook in some celebrations yourself do let me know.

Merry Vietnam

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