In Transit

So we are off on our holidays. This year we are on a rather special holiday – we are off to Hong Kong for 11 days. Special because it is a big holiday – far away, exotic and expensive and special because for nearly 2 years Hong Kong was my home and now I’ll get to introduce the boyo to this wonderful place.

We went for a walk in rural Angus on Sunday. It wasn’t a particularly scenic walk but it was good to give myself a wee reminder of one of the reasons I decided to come back to Scotland and as much as Hong Kong is wonderful where we live is also pretty wonderful – in a slightly less bold way. I think we are even being accepted by the locals in our village, the man in the pub gave us a big bag of freshly dug carrots the other day. The pub dog Bob seems to becoming a friend too.

This holiday is a perfect opportunity for the Boyo and I to switch off and have fun so we’ll be limiting our social media, email and phone usage. We spend everyday at work on computers our brains need some respite!

I already have a few ideas about blog posts when I get back but for now I shall let my brain switch off and enjoy what is around me, right now that is the very shiny new airport in Doha, Qatar. The sun is coming up and our next flight won’t be too much longer.

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