Liebster Award

Well I hadn’t prepared my Foodie Friday post yet, it has been a manic week and I have not had a chance to take photos or cook up anything particularly enthralling and then I received a Liebster Award Nomination! I hadn’t heard about this before but I had a look at Maja’s blog and did a little googling. It basically is an award which is used as a tool to find out about other peoples blogs, perfect for new bloggers such as myself!


The rules are:


  1. Thank and link a person who nominated you.
  2. Write the rules and display the award.
  3. Answer 11 questions and write 11 of your own.
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers on their blog) and don’t forget letting them known that they have been nominated.
  5. Write 11 facts about yourself.


So without further ado lets crack on!

  1. Thank you Maja of Artsy Shimmer! I do like the name of your blog. A blog all about food, fashion, DIY, art and Design. Definitely on my reading list now!
  2. Well I’ve already done this! The rules are above.

3. My 11 questions are:


  1. If you had a chance to be one famous person for a day, who would you be and why?
  2. Your dream travel destination and why?
  3. Your best qualities are..
  4. What would you do on your last day in life?
  5. What is in your purse?
  6. Describe what you are wearing right now!
  7. Who do you admire the most and why?
  8. What is your beauty regime?
  9. What was the worst thing you think you did in life?
  10. What would you change about your life?
  11. Which life experience has though you something important you live by?


  1. If I were a famous person for a day I would actually like to be a) Alexander McCall Smith or b) An actress such as Doris Day from the 1950s. Alexander McCall Smith is a Scottish novelist who wrote the no.1 Ladies Detective agency Series books amongst many other wonderful books. I have been to a couple of his talks and he is a fascinating man who find amusement and interest in everything. A day in his head would probably be very entertaining as well as educational, he just seems very knowledgeable! An actress such as Doris Day because the ladies were just so beautiful and films such as Calamity Jane were great. I’d love to be a novelist myself but I just don’t have the imagination or the discipline and as for Doris, it would be like having a magical dream for the day!
  2. I have travelled to so many places and I have a wishlist as long as my arm for places I’d like to go. However my dream destination is somewhere I have been many times before. The Isle of Arran off the West Coast of Scotland will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m at peace whenever I am there. It is beautiful with so many things to do that it will always be my top spot.
  3. My best qualities? This is hard! My Boyo always says that I am a very kind person, I don’t know if I am but I do know that I try to be, another quality would probably be that I try to be positive and a physical quality? My multi-coloured eye! (Blue eyes, left eye has a streak of hazel).
  4. On the last day of my life I would give all my closest friends and family a hug then my Boyo and I would go for a wonderful walk that somehow would include the forests of Perthshire, rambling over Arran, a walk along the blustery North-East Scotland coast and also somewhere exotic and magnificent. We would then magically return to somewhere cosy with a peat fire (and our feet wouldn’t be tired or sore!) and have a wonderful meal with our favourite things and then a wee glass of Baileys.
  5. What is in my purse? I think that translates top handbag for us British girls! So in my handbag I usually have my diary – my memory is useless for remembering things so this is essential or I’ll forget to be somewhere!, a wallet with my cards and notes (the notes never last long!) in and also a little purse for coins, some tissues, some mints, a little make up bag with concealer, lipstick and eyeshadow in (just in case I get whisked out for dinner or something after work!), my kindle or a real book, these days more often my kindle, a pen, migraine tablets, keys for work and home, ID badge for work, spare tights, notepad, Kirby grip, hairbrush, hand gel and my ipod. My handbag always seems to end up with a random assortment of things in it as the week goes on.
  6. I am wearing a dress that has a dark blue background and has butterflies printed all over it in various shades of blue. It has a deep v neckline but has a black panel (phew). With it I’m wearing a black cardigan and black pump shoes and skin coloured tights as my real legs are so white people need sunglasses. I have a blue butterfly necklace on and little silver butterfly stud earrings, my red swatch watch and a silver celtic ring.
  7. I admire many people, I admire my parents for raising my sister and I, my grandparents for managing to start their own business which continues to this day nearly 50 years later, I admire my friends for being wonderful people, I admire my Boyo for his capacity to love, his discipline and focus with work, his enthusiasm and positivity and for just being an incredible person. Of course there are many famous people I admire too, from writers to scientists, to charity workers, to actors, to sports people. I can’t really choose a favourite out of them, I just hope I can learn from them all and makes myself a better person everyday.
  8. My beauty regime?! Hahaha! Ok well I am no good at this, what I can say is that I use a combination of Neutrogena, witch Hazel and the Body Shop seaweed range products. I vary it about but try to now use a mosituriser day and night but my skin is prone to blemishes, I work in a very dry atmosphere and my skin just isn’t in great shape so far that I need to get other peoples advice.
  9. The worst thing I ever did in my life was to lose my way and become ill with depression. It wasn’t something that was my fault but it was the worst time in my life and I know that it must have been hard fro the people I was around. I have had momentary blips but I try to stay healthy and positive and I am trying to do this both in mind and body.
  10. If I could change anything it would be to be granted an amount of money that would allow both the Boyo and I to pursue a work-life balance that would incorporate a truly enjoyable and fulfilling job (what exactly that is I am not 100% sure, I have ideas!) and allow us to spend a lot more of our time together wandering the wilds and exploring new places. We would also get a dog and start a family. If I could change anything realistically it would be to actually do more exercise and eat better – this is something that I am working on so stay tuned!
  11. Being ill with depression taught me to be very thankful for the life I have, my friends and family and to be positive and to just enjoy what I have and embrace the opportunities that come my way.

My 11 questions for other bloggers:

1.What would your perfect meal be?

2. Tell us about your shoes, do they have a story to tell?

3. Do you have a hobby, if so why that is your hobby and what do you enjoy about it? If not what hobby would you like to take up?

4. What is your exercise routine?

5. What us your favourite season of the year?

6. Name an artist/writer/painter/creative person that you admire.

7. What is your dream job?

8. Tell us about somewhere special to you.

9. What is your earliest memory?

10. Did you enjoy school?

11. What do you plan to do this weekend?

Ok number 4! The 11 bloggers I nominate are:

A little bit of WoWe:             

Scottish Mum:                         

Sisterhood and All That:      

Play and Learn Everyday:    

Terrible Tumbles:                   

Scotland Eats Out:                 

Californian Mum in London:

Bookworms in Dresses:       

Scottish Island Mum:            

Glasgow Mummy:                 

Cooking with a Wallflower:



Happy Weekend Folks!




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