Earrings and Friendship (an edited old post)

Earrings and Friendship…

The other day I discovered I had lost an earring. I love my jewellery and I try to take care of my bits and bobs. I especially try to take care of the bits and bobs that nice people have given to me as gifts.

The earrings that I am now missing one of were given to be by a really lovely person. Losing the earring has made me reflect on friendship (and also jewellery tastes).

Alas I have kind of lost touch with the lovely girl who gave me the earring on which this story is based. It does at times make me sad but I also think that like the earring the friendship will also turn up one day.

Life takes us on all sorts of twists and turns and some friendships stay the whole course, others are wonderful friendships but only last a specific moment, time and place (a bit like some earrings I own, still safe in my jewellery box but not worn since the last year of school!), others may drift away for years at a time but then we re-connect when we are in another place.

There is one particular friendship that I have lost that I was reminded of yesterday. This person is truly remarkable and I care for him deeply, but I have not seen him for many years. I found contact details and tried to contact him only for the door to be shut. I understand he has no contact with anyone from the past, not friends or family. Maybe for him to be happy he needs that door to be closed? And when you care about someone mostly you just want them to be happy. So I’ll let that door stay closed but if he ever wants to open it I’ll be on the other side waiting with a smile and it will seem like seconds, not years have passed.

I am not an easy person, I dearly care about all my friends and family, but I am human I have my flaws and I have been known to let people down. I’m grateful for everything that I have and the people I have around me. Friendship is a blessing. Like my earrings I shall try to take care of the friendships in my life, but when one goes missing I truly hope that one day it turns up again.

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