Hello to May!

I’ve always thought May was a nice month.

We are now properly into spring, the blossom is on the trees and summer is just around the corner. I absolutely love blossom trees and our local park is full of them. My Grandmother had a tradition that on the 1st of May we had to go and wash our faces in the May dew. No idea where it came from and as a teenager I hated it. Today I feel guilty that I didn’t do it this morning. I will research this little tradition as stories like that interest me.

My Great Grandmother used to get her name shortened to May and our cousins have a holiday home named May Cottage after her. I think it sounds pretty- another reason to like May!

Both my partner and I work in the education sector and although we both still have to work the summer is when we have a chance to use the annual leave, explore new places and see our families. May sort of marks the countdown to the end of term and it is really nice seeing the students getting ready to go on to new things – whether it is further study or into the big bad world of work it is nice to see them get to the end of their studies and wish them well for the future.

This year May is a particularly exciting month. We get the keys to our new house tomorrow and we move in next week. It will be a big change for us, geographically we aren’t moving that far away but we are moving to a different region and to a more rural location. I’m having to give up helping at my Brownie unit, but hope to get back involved with Girl Guiding once I’ve settled into the new abode. On the plus side my commute to work will be significantly reduced and I’ve already found out about local swimming pool and exercise classes to try out – all in keeping with the Merry & Healthy ambitions. We’ve also found a whole bunch of new places to explore and places to eat so that is always good. The new house comes with a big freezer which will allow me to cook more, and the getting home an hour earlier every night will mean more time for cooking. It really is very exciting!

And then if it is May then it means it isn’t that long until June and in June we are going to Hong Kong for ten days! Hong Kong and I are acquainted and I will do another post about that another time.

Exciting times ahead! What are your plans for May and the beginning of summer? And does anyone else wash their face in the 1st of May dew?

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One thought on “Hello to May!

  1. Wow what a tradition! No, I haven’t heard about the dew of May but here in France we have the muguet, a sprig of lily of the valley given to a friend or neighbour to bring happiness, a wonderful tradition dating back to 1561 and Charles IX who sought to impress the ladies of the royal court and we are still impressing people with his gesture today. 🙂


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