Thought of the Day: Moving House

Todays thoughts are all about our impending house move.

We signed the lease and paid the deposit this morning. I find this very exciting. The Boyo is still being a bit reserved and cautious about the whole thing. I think he’ll be more excited come moving day (8th) he’s just worried about things all going to plan.

Last night we started the task of phoning around everyone (companies, not friends) to change our contact details. Sky are charging us more as we are moving to a more rural location, they are also reducing our broadband allowance from unlimited to 40 or something…
The car insurance people charged us £25 for moving, but we got a small refund on the house insurance.
In all honesty I am not surprised by Sky but I’m annoyed with other places charging to cover ‘admin’. Surely when we bought the costly service that should cover us if our details change. It just adds to the cost and hassle of moving house. Anyway I won’t let this spoil the excitement.

I’m dreaming of how our belongings will look, where things will go. The Boyo does not have the knack to picture all of this at all but I do and it is fun. So I’m daydreaming about that. I’m also really rather excited about the possibility of 2 new bookcases that may be coming my way soon.

We get they keys on Friday. The weekend will be spent cleaning (it has been empty for over a year) and exploring our new area. We’ll also have to finish off the mountain of packing in preparation for moving day! I swear my current abode is being taken over my boxes and bubble wrap. It is not advisable to wander around house with no lights on – they will get you!

I can’t wait to cook my first meal in my new kitchen. Yes I do sit and daydream about what that might be. My sisters says enchiladas, my Mum thinks mini victoria sponge cakes, the Boyo says curry. It could be a strange meal! I think this will be the 14th or 15th place I will have lived but it is the biggest move (stuff-wise) so far. It is a fresh start for the Boyo and I and the start of a whole new chapter where we save money, try out rural living and get more sleep (reduced commute in the mornings).

I really am rather excited.

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